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The beauty of love lies in the moment of heartache, in the support of each other, but also in the dull time cast strong.Famous Swiss watchmaker Longines watch brand for the honor of true love, best selection DolceVita series herein with the wiener lovers on the table, with elegant appearance and precision excellent performance draws the outline of infinite longing for a better life, in time to witness the eternal love between minutes tick and moving moment, written with “romantic life,” no “best wishes.
The guardian of time, witnessed the beautiful marriage in the world, but also created a meaningful truth like a long stream. However, perhaps only when the hot feelings sublimate into warm family, the true feelings of those who can truly experience the true meaning of life. Longines watches fashion rose gold lovers on the watch to appreciate the beauty of the years of lovers special selection, the atmosphere is not public appearance design, with warm and charming rose gold color, outline the changes through the years but the enduring touch, will hand in hand with a good life in the clock clock.
Fashion rose gold men’s watch with slim streamlined design, fully deduce the elegant implicit style of Longines watch. Elegant and chic watch design heritage simple and classic style, ultra-thin surface thickness and 34.5mm diameter perfect fit, with 18K rose gold case and black crocodile leather strap, is in line with the reserved gentleman bearing. A simple circle of Roman numerals is like a footnote to a happy past, recording a lifetime of sweet moments. The female money that accompanies with it was refined with fastidious detail perfect explanation female wen wan is exquisite, send out give incomparable grace charm, with male money hand in photograph reflect rose aureate also implied meaning is worn never fade true love. Thousands of words, into a wrist elegant magnificent, inadvertently write a moving true love praise.
“Romantic life, harmony”, well versed in the true meaning of love Longines watch again gather sweet inspiration, and famous for modern elegance of The DolceVita series steel rose gold diamond lovers table as a special festival in the dedication. Longines watch DolceVita series design inspiration comes from the Italian spontaneous and joyful lifestyle — La Dolce Vita (Sweet life). The warmth of rose gold coupled with dazzling diamonds also create the exquisite brilliance of The Deb Wiener collection, which is like a ray of hot sunshine breaking the silence of winter. Lovers are in a sun-lit Roman forum, enjoying the quiet comfort of the town’s shady terrace and savour the delicacy of Italian desserts.

Fine steel Rose Gold diamond Lady watch with L178 quartz movement, silver plated halo enamel dial with 11 blue Roman numerals, blue steel hands indicating hours and minutes, 6 o ‘clock position with a small second dial. The bezel is decorated with 32 0.269 carat High quality Weselton VVS diamonds. The ticking of the wrist, like the whispers of lovers, makes her every move and gesture show graceful and clever beauty. And men’s money is used similar design, rectangular smooth lines and harmonious case proportion, with delicate dial, let a person can not help but think of love in his broad and solid arm, in the details of the interpretation of the man alone that wisdom and charm, for the romantic season add a moving warmth.